Making a Con Survival Kit



What any cosplayer needs to survive a convention:


No matter how prepared I think I am for a convention I always seem to leave something important at home. To fix this I keep a small bag packed with items I know I can’t survive without in case I forget to pack them into my regular luggage.


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Colored Contacts Review


Over several years of cosplay, I have tried out my fair share of colored contact lenses. Some really help the cosplay transformation happen, others may have fallen short of what I expected. In this post, I will provide up-close photos and in different lighting, of all the contacts I have bought so far — hopefully providing some guidance to other cosplayers deciding what colored contact lenses to buy! I will also provide link to where I bought them (very important!) All contacts I buy are available in prescription (very very important!) and are affordable, ranging from $20-35 a pair (extremely important!)

Without further ado, the reviews! Below are various contacts in action — in photography! Because, as a cosplayer, we really want to know “How will these show up in photographs??” Natural lighting is very different from flash photography (which often enhances colored contacts), so the photos below provide a various range of lighting, distance, etc. If you don’t want to look repeatedly at pictures of my face, TURN BACK NOW.


NOTE: Click below to see the full reviews of the contacts!!

EXTRA NOTE: The sites I have provided a link to DO NOT require a doctor’s approval, which I like because of ease. HOWEVER. If you have never worn contacts before, you should go to the eye doctor to have an eye exam. Ask about being fitted for contacts, because you’re thinking about them for cosmetic reasons. You may not need prescription contacts, but it’s still important to be fitted by a doctor and to know how to care for them. I have been wearing contacts for nearly 10 years, so I feel comfortable buying online. I know for a fact that my base curve differs from most standard colored contacts, so my experience with them may be different from yours. Also, always be cautious ordering from strange sites. These are your eyes, let’s not mess them up!

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